What Your Nightstand Says About You

What Your Nightstand Says About You

What is going on with your nightstand...and your life? 

In the back to fall rush, it can be a space that is overlooked and maybe even trashed with books, iPhone chargers, and tossed jewelry. And that, dear fabulous reader, is an indication of exactly where you are in life. Forget horoscopes. If your nightstand is less than pretty, go ahead and tidy up, then read more about what your nightstand says about you-bonus karma included! Nightstand Style

1. The Romantic

20dae664b423c9d9c493cebe48302c15 The romantic loves connection. Be it with a person, a great book, or movie. These people really don't need to leave bed ever! Romantics have to be careful to not get lost in dreams or have unrealistic expectations of others. Stay grounded!

2. The Minimalist

The Minimalist We're jealous. The minimalist has been able to refine everything in their life to only the essentials. It's what every book on decluttering and organization preaches. What can we say? The minimalist has perfected the art of living, right? Ah...don't forget that life happens. Perfection doesn't exist without a sense of human touch. Don't be too austere. Go ahead. Jump on the bed. Live it up, gorgeous!

3.  The Bohemian

24c7b69b7fdfaff725610a7ba837abaf Creative. Chic. Sexy. Daring. The boho nightstand is willing to take risks and express their inner desires. They are self-confident about style. The only danger for a bohemian is getting stuck in a style rut. Introduce seasonal updates to refresh your space and redefine that boho energy. Let go of the things that no longer serve your creative energy. You will find that when you let go of things, its an opportunity to create something fresh and new..even if that includes ancient objects!

4. The Bombshell


Seductive. Intelligent. Sensual. What do you say intelligent? Yes! The bombshell might play the airhead but that is just intelligent means. Marilyn Monroe represents the essential archetype of the bombshell and she was extremely intelligent about how she worked her charm. The bombshell nightstand will borrow style elements from other styles but make it their own. If you are the bombshell, and your nightstand reflects your seductive nature, remember to celebrate that intelligence. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

5. The Preppy


Classic. Timeless. Traditional. From Kate Spade to Ralph Lauren, we celebrate the endless style of the preppy. What most might not appreciate at first is that the Preppy has edge too! Their nightstand might have a modern twist on a Greek Key design, like the one featured on this post, or a bold carpet that edges under the nightstand and chest of drawers. If the preppy nightstand is your style, don't forget to take a few risks that help define your edges.


Lastly, nothing is ever set in stone. Go for what you love! We want to know what your nightstand style is! Share us your nightstand on Instagram  Tag us in your nightstand pic or one that you like! HOW TO TAG US: All you have to do is put a @madisonandwhite in the comment section! That's is so easy!

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