Kamela Hurley

Hello! I'm Kamela Hurley, founder of Madison and White, and I launched this company after I ruined my own hair with with a box of dye from the drugstore. As I  looked for solutions on how to rebuild healthy hair, I discovered a few important facts. 

1. Don't wash your hair everyday. Washing hair too often can contribute to damaged, dry, and itchy scalp. I had already done enough to my hair so I choose to wash my hair every four to five days. 

2. Cut back on heat and hot tools. It's understandable that heat can further damage hair. I've switched to Dyson Hair Dryer and Airwrap. That has helped tons but simply cutting back on blowing out my hair and curling everyday as done wonders. 

3. The surface you sleeps on impacts hair and skin. Basically the days that I choose to wash my hair, blow it out, and perhaps use a hair straightener or curling iron, I want to make sure the hair style lasts as long as possible. I sleep on our Bedtime Beauty Kit every single night because it's designed to reduce damage to hair, lessen knots and tangles, and it helps to cuts back on sleep creases on my face. I wake up, comb my hair out, and off I go!