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Madison and White was founded by Kamela Hurley at the start of 2015. After a disaster DIY hair experiment, she was at a local beauty supply store where she found satin pillowcases for sale. One touch of the cheap satin pillowcases and she knew she could do better.  On impulse, she began research on textiles, benefits, and created samples based on that research. After just one night of sleep on her pillowcases, she couldn't believe the difference. Her morning hair wasn't messy, she didn't have sleep wrinkles, and her skin and hair felt hydrated. She was so amazed by the difference that she made pillowcases for all the ladies in her family. Her family started talking and sharing with their friends and that's when the orders starting happening.

Kamela Hurley, Founder & CEO Madison and White

In a week, Kamela had over $500 pillowcases on order to friends and of friends from Los Angeles to Toronto. Without telling the world, Kamela opened a store on Etsy. Within the next week, she got a call from The Marilyn Denis Show on CTV, a nationwide morning talk show in Canada on par with Live with Kelly and Michael or The View in The States, that they wanted to feature her pillowcases on the show! Literally, overnight, her business was born. 


As amazing as this story is it wouldn't be complete without first explaining that none of this would have happened for her family and friends....but also a huge shout out to Pinterest. On New Year's Day, Kamela used Pinterest boards as a way to setup her resolutions for the year---of which two important resolutions were:

1. Upgrade My Appearance. Yes, she loves yoga but that didn't mean wear yoga pants all day long everyday just because she's a mother with two kids under three. After creating that Pinterest board, she organized and made edits to her entire wardrobe and discovered it wasn't hard to put an outfit together in a flash, nor doing her hair and makeup, but it had a huge impact on her overall sense of wellbeing!

If you don't believe it, try it for a month. You won't laugh at the idea anymore. You'll be hooked on showing up everyday with confidence and enthusiasm to tackle challenges. 

2. Launch a Business. Yes, that was another Pinterest board she created. She had no idea it was going to happen so fast. As one of Madison and White's motto: Look Good. Feel Good. Dream Big.

What Does the Name Mean? 

Madison and White is named after one of Kamela's favorite movies, Splash, with Tom Hanks and Darryl Hannah. Its about a mermaid named Madison stuck in Manhattan. The second part of the name is inspired by the color white, which reminds her of walks along the Southern California beaches collecting white seashells, ocean-smoothed glass, and white sea foam.