5 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight

5 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight
Medical studies and statistics have proven that sleep deprivation affects mood, alertness, determination, and the body's own ability to function, which includes not just motor skills like speed, agility, and reaction but a lack of quality sleep also impacts the body's own ability to heal. Everyone wants that to wake up feeling energized and ready to tackle life goals. How does one get quality sleep? We have 5 proven ways that you will sleep better by tonight!



Whatever quality of sleep that you got last night, today is the day to make it better! 


Sleep Foundation has recently published the results of a new study that individuals that workout for at least 150 minutes a week felt more alert and sleep significantly better.  That breaks down to at least 30 minutes, five days a week, of heart-pumping physical activity. Fitness is also linked to helping reduce stress and we believe that's because this 30 minutes of fitness should be fun! Dance in your living room, take the dog for a walk, get out on a SUP board, better yet go to the park with the kids, or borrow them if you have to, and climb the playground equipment! It all counts as long as you focused on moving your body, You don't need a gym to get this done and you don't even need workout equipment to get it done, Popsugar created the "Anywhere Workout" schedule for the week. Give it a try and tweet us to let us know if its working...you might even win something if you do!

5 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight by Madison and White 


Let's get back to our roots. Think way back to those days in your childhood spent coloring. It turns out that adults are reclaiming the joy of coloring. We totally love this this as a wonderful way to unwind after work. 


Nothing could inspire us more than Tosca Reno, who looks better in her mid fifties than she has in her whole life. She single-handedly started the Eat Clean movement and has proven that food doesn't have to be complicated to taste good. Try one week and you'll start to understand how removing fast and processed foods can impact your sleep. 


We are as addicted to our electronics as the next person but if you want to sleep better tonight, then you have to unplug. Turn off phones, tablets, laptops, and TV at least two hours before going to bed. It's believed that the blue light that powers our electronics actually helps to wake our minds off. In fact, blue light therapy is used to help seasonal depression disorders and to help reset the internal harmony clock on when we naturally wake up and go to sleep. So stay clear of the blue light at night!


 Okay in a world that is overplayed and over scheduled, the last thing that seems important is scheduling the time you go to sleep, but studies indicate that going to sleep at the same time plays a vital role in the quality of your sleep. If you have to use an alarm in the morning to force you out of bed, then that is a sign that your sleep rhythms are off. You need to hit the sack earlier so that your body can start to wake up feeling more refreshed. Being on a schedule helps to ensure that healthy sleep patterns are established. We personally love the Sleep Cycle App  and it's the only time that our phones get near our bed. Of Course, an awesome night of sleep wouldn't be complete without mentioning our Silk and Satin Pillowcases! We are crushing hard on the simplicity of our Sand Dollar Satin Pillowcase. A classic that will transform how you sleep at night.



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