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There is no better way to sleep at night then knowing that your purchase makes a difference. We are proud to announce that we are partnering with Save the Mermaids and Little Dresses for Africa.

Save the Mermaids and Madison and WhiteSave the Mermaids Mission

10% of all Hair Towel sales will go to Save the Mermaids to not only help create a healthy and sustainable ocean, but they also help at-risk youths to connect to our oceans and understand that they are a valuable place to respect, play, and love. We encourage you to learn more with a quick visit to Save the Mermaids. PS: Our company is named after a Mermaid. How could we resist supporting such an awesome charity?! We are happy to be one of their Friends of the Sea)

Save the Mermaid Beach Clean up in Santa Barbara


Little Dresses for Africa

Little Dresses for Africa

We believe that true beauty starts from within. Nothing is more beautiful than giving hope to those that need it. Every pillowcase sold will send a pillowcase dress (or britches for boys) to a child in need in Africa. Little Dresses for Africa is another grassroots organization that is sending clothes to children in Africa and works to build clean water sources, facilities, and educational resources. Learn more at Little Dress for Africa

Little Dresses for Africa

We hope that our charitable causes strike a chord in you and inspire you to connect with these charities.