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Skincare + Anti-Aging Solutions

Madison and White was created to help women living in a time-pressured world find the time to look their best every morning.  Sleep is an essential ingredient to healthy, beautiful, smooth skin. The average amount of time that is recommended for adults is eight hours a night. If you are sleeping on traditional cotton pillowcases, you could be causing more damage than good. 



Quality sleep is a priceless beauty tool that will rejuvenate your skin. However, the surface that your skin sleeps on can deeply impact the signs of aging, the health, and glow of skin. 

"I frequently see women with deeper wrinkles on one side of their face-the side they sleep on, of course." To avoid "sleep lines", opt for a silk or satin pillowcase and pile on the anti-aging products. NYC Dermatologist Heidi A. Waldorf for Marie Claire Magazine, TOP 50 BEAUTY SECRETS

Our pillowcases are a beauty tool and here is how it works. When you sleep on regular cotton pillowcases, no matter the thread count, you are sleeping on a fiber that is a hydrophilic. Hydrophilic means "water-loving" in Greek. Cotton pillowcases will slowly help pull moisture from your skin as you sleep. In order to achieve optimal and beautiful skin, we do not want to loose moisture. The fastest way to hydrate skin is to switch your old pillowcases out for our silk or satin pillowcases. 

At the same time as your skin is being hydrated, the slippery surface of the silk and satin pillowcases allows skin to glide over the pillowcase. That slip is exactly what cuts down on sleep wrinkles and contributes to the reduction of sleep wrinkles over time. Beauty editors of major magazines have also written that the slippery surface also can reduce the redness caused by Rosacea. 

As quoted from the Telegraph

There is some scientific evidence dating back almost 20 years that may explain the benefits of silk on the skin: Swiss scientists published research in the Cosmetics and Toiletries Journal to show that sericin, the protein in silk, can adhere to the keratin (protein) in skin and hair resulting in a perceptible “homogeneous protective film”. 
This means silk can form a barrier layer, helping retain moisture and possibly having a plumping, anti-wrinkle effect. 
But the joy of silk does not end there. Silk is produced in the salivary glands of the silkworm, the larval or caterpillar stage of the domesticated silk moth, forming its cocoon. 
The silkworm feeds on mulberry leaves, and tests at the Massachusetts-based Brunswick Laboratories show mulberries contain up to 79 per cent more antioxidants – which aid cellular repair in the body – than known super-fruits such as blueberries, blackberries and cranberries.


Silk pillowcases are a filament, not a man-made fabric like Satin pillowcases, and is the superhero for skincare and anti-aging related issues. In support of women that are on a budget or can't make a commitment to the care required to keep silk pillowcases, we also carry satin pillowcases. Our satin pillowcases will support your skin so that every day you wake up looking and feeling gorgeous! Want a little more proof? Read this.



This is one topic where we can could dive deeper than any spot known to mankind. The essentials is that recommend a diet that is clean, healthy, and consists of whole foods. We also prefer organic foods. Keep hydrated by drinking lots of water and get those workouts in every day. We recommend the following books to help you establish a healthy routine. 


The Beauty Diet by Lisa Drayer
The Perricone Prescription by Nicholas Perricone
The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged by Tosca Reno