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Healthy Hair Solutions

Repair your hair from heat styling, damage, hair coloring, or maintain healthy hair with our simple two step healthy hair solution. 




Hair damage occurs from heat styling, coloring hair, and over-washing hair. Another factor that causes hair loss and damage is traditional cotton pillowcases. Traditional cotton pillowcases, no matter the thread count, cause bedhead, wick moisture from hair, and cotton causes hair to cling to its surface which can cause hair loss and breakage.




CHANGE YOUR PILLOWCASE: Our solution is easy and cost effective. The first step in creating healthy hair is to change your pillowcase. Silk pillowcases contain  amino acids that help to hydrate your hair. Satin is a manmade material, that is easier to take care of for those with a busy life, but also helps to hydrate hair. Silk and satin pillowcases allows for hair to move easily across its surface, unlike cotton pillowcases, which helps to save blowouts.


DON'T OVER WASH YOUR HAIR: The most important value of saving blowouts is that you don't have to wash your hair as often. We can't stress enough that over washing your hair causes your scalp to produce more oil and it fades colored hair faster-which leads to long term damage! 


DON'T WRAP HAIR IN TERRY CLOTH OR MICROFIBRE TOWELS: When it is time to wash your hair, instead of using a terry cloth towel to dry your hair, use our Original Tshirt Hair Towel. Yes, it's made of cotton and mixed fibers, but its the long strand weave of our hair towel that will help you to stop frizz and retain the moisture in your hair follicle for smooth and sleek hair. 


The number one trick on Pinterest for drying hair is called "Plopping." It consists of wrapping hair up in an old tshirt after a shower to cut down frizz and help repair hair. The trick is adored by Lauren Conrad to YouTube Beauty Expert Michelle Phan. We had no interest in walking around with an old tshirt on her head or time to do it.  So we carefully selected beautiful cotton knits with smoothly woven fibers that could replicate the effect of plopping without wasting time or making people look silly by walking around with an old t-shirt on their head.

One other distinguishing fact about the Original Tshirt Hair Towel is that it is very different from microfiber hair towels. We found that microfiber towels actually worked too well. The would dry hair at such an incredible speed that if your hair was wrapped up too long, then hair would be actually more frizzy and hard to style.
The Original Tshirt Hair Towel, if left in hair too long, creates beautiful beach waves and helps amp up curly hair to look its best. Our hair towel is also portable to take to the gym, cottage, beach, or wherever life takes you and keeps you looking good-even when your hair is wrapped up! Now, let's sum it up:



1. Sleep on Silk or Satin Pillowcases and Wash hair every 2-3 days.

Hair is easier to style when unwashed and the natural oils made using heat tools like curling irons less damaging. 

2.  Dry hair in the Original Tshirt Hair Towel after washing hair.

We recommend wrapping hair up in our hair towel for 10-15 minutes or until hair is about 80% dry. Unwrap hair, hang the Original T-shirt Hair Towel to dry for the next use, and style hair as usual. A few other tips and trick that work with our hair towel:

To Deep Condition Hair: 

After washing hair in the evening, place your favorite deep conditioning treatment in hair and wrap it up in the Original Tshirt Hair towel. Leave to dry overnight. Wash hair in the morning, without shampoo, and rinse any excess condition. Wrap hair up in a new Original Tshirt Hair Towel and style as usual. Try this once a week with your favorite deep condition! 

To Create Natural Heatless Beach Waves:

Wash hair in the evening. Wrap hair up in towel and sleep overnight until hair is dry. This is also a great trick for naturally curly hair!