Give the Gift of Sleep.


Hey it's Kamela!

As the founder of Madison and White and the busy single mom of two kids under the age of eight, I'm always looking for ways to help people look their best, live well, and chase their dreams (and side note-on every single pillowcase is the motto: Look Good. Live Well. Dream Big.) and of course, to help people sleep better. My life changed when I started to make my self-care a priority! I want to share the gift of sleep and hope you do as well. Here is a special link to our MADISON AND WHITE GIFT CARD THAT INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING! 

If you want to learn more about Madison and White, hit the home button or click over to our journal with is going to be loaded with tons of tips and tricks for well being in 2020. Until then, hope that you get your beauty sleep this Holiday season!