Simple Hair Routine

Blowouts, styling, brushes and hair product can get really complicated but it's often the simple hair routine that can bring the most happiness. Here is my no-fuss hair routine that I've been loving since the start of 2020.

It takes time to discover the right tool to use and so let me help to cut to the chase. I've had my Dyson Airwrap since October 2019, but I never got around to sharing how much I absolutely love it! I use it more than my Dyson Blow dryer, which is also great to have because you can get technical with blowouts and hair brushes in a way that you can't with the airwrap.

I have also changed my entire shampoo, conditioners, and hair styling products to Virture Labs. This company actually discovered the protein in human hair that helps to repair damage to the hair follice. Since my hair is refreshed with blonde highlights every two months, I make sure that I use the best products that I can!

Check out this my simple blowout that takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish. 

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