Shed the 19 Challenge

Lockdown has impacted people in many different ways. There are obvious impacts like gym closures which directly resulted in the inability, for many people, to work out, build lean muscle, stretch, build cardiovascular strength, and reduce fat. 

Shed the 19 Challenge

Another big complaint of lockdown that I keep hearing was that stress made many people choose comfort foods and sugar-filled snacks over nutrient-dense foods that deeply satisfy our soul and bodies.  Trust me...I get those moments and I've had them too. 

Anxiety and fear can easily impact a healthy mindset. The constant phone notifications and bad news that surrounded the pandemic can feel isolating and uncomfortable. For me, I made a decision to limit my news intake to the form of a Sunday paper delivered to my home and occasion times in the kitchen where I ask Google Home to play the news. 

Now that things are easing up, I wanted to share with everyone simple ways to help you motivated to live well, which is one of the positive affirmations that is printed on every single pillowcase that I sell. 

Living well means so much to every person that you can speak to. For me, it's about fitness and eating healthy whole foods at home. Since I graduate from the Integrative Health Coach Program this month, this is also an opportunity to share some of the things that I've learned. I'm truly excited to be launching this free program to inspire your health and wellness and that includes getting your beauty sleep too!

Here are the links to the free downloads that I will be discussing in future posts and on social media to help you get aware and organized during this challenge. Don't miss anything by joining our email list too!




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